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Ysabelyhwh Featured By Owner 5 days ago
Divulgation of my deviantArt = 3 favorites (tell me by the note)
1 :points: = 3 favorites
2 :points:  = 6 favorites
3 :points:  = 9  favorites+ llama
4 :points:  = 12  favorites + llama
5 :points:  = 15 favorites + llama
6 :points:  = 18  favorites+ llama +watcher
7 :points:  = 21 favorites + llama + watcher + coment your profile + featured in my profile
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9 :points:  = 30 favorites + llama +  watcher + coment your profile  + featured in my profile
10 :points:  = All favorites  + llama + watcher + coment your profile +  featured in my profile
MajesticPandaCookie Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2015  Student Traditional Artist
5 points = 5 favs
10 points = 10 favs + watch +5 comments
20 points= fav entire gallery + watch + 10 comments
30 points= fav entire gallery + watch+ 15 comments 
And the list goes on and on. 

10 points per week
200 points for a forever feature

I also do Commissions and custom adopts for a cheap price
vampirewitch2015 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
may i have some points i am trying to reach 100 points so i can donate to others
KeIIion Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2015  Student Traditional Artist

Looking to get point commissions for Artworks for my Werewolf Fiction  :iconakira-bounty-hunter:


In the far future human race accomplished, that the world was in a relative peaceful state.
During a lunar eclipse, when the moon was lit red and people of Earth were celebrating and praising their own existence, they got under the worldwide attack.
But the attackers weren’t humans, they were aliens.
The aliens were some kind of mix of human and wolf . They were stronger and bigger than humans, they also had better senses, they heard, smelled and saw better than humans.
Many of them had scarred bodies and had, instead of their real body parts, cyborg parts.
They landed to the planets which they spied before, then they enslaved the population and killed according to their mood.
The human soldiers were hardly able to stop these beasts, even battles apparently obtained were lost.
Killed Lupains rose up again and continued fighting.
The beasts injected themselves with yellow colored liquid. The liquid could heal all of their wounds.
Removing a head was the only way to kill a Lupain, but humans didn't know that.
The human casualties were so high that the government had to take action and stopped the military actions against these beasts.
A new era begun, the time when the human race have surrendered and the new race ruled over the planet Earth and its population.
But from the ashes of the cities and the bones of the fallen raised the resistance.
Scientists around the world worked in New York to stop these creatures.
Far beneath the streets they built up an secret research lab.
A team of scientists got the idea to combine the cells of the Lupains with human DNA to create the new species.
These new species should go to battle against the Lupains and destroy important military 
acilities.With this way the human race would get a second chance to obtain their rulership of the planet Earth back....

Part 1
Akira The Bounty Hunter 01-EN
Two years already passed without hearing anything about the resistance. Akira lived in a small apartment and he barely knew
He paid the rent with a cash for his host and he seemed to be interested about it no more.
Akira earned his money by stealing, just like the most of his food. He knew it was wrong but he had no choice.
As a Lupain, nobody would want him. They would prefer to kill him.
Thoughts raced through his mind.
He hoped that he would find someone from the resistance. How important it would be to him?
Whether he should avenge for his father? What’s the purpose of his life?
To distract himself from the whole situation, he trained and trained every single day.
He prepared for the day, when he will face Lupains who murdered his father. Suddenly he heard screaming, it was a young woman. She screamed for help. Something was wrong.
Akira looked out the window, he saw one of these Lupains dragging the woman to the side street.Nobody had enough courage to help her. Akir

Each Point help me much ^^
BigPointWins Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2015  New Deviant
Points Points Big Point Raffles Points 

Hello! I have decided to make a point giveaway account where we will be doing raffles, features and PLENTY of llamas to go around :D (Big Grin) 
I am sponsoring a giant giveaway where if you win, five lucky winners will receive 1000 points each the donation pool reaches 5,000 Points  :D (Big Grin) 
Everyone gets a llama and depending on how much you donate to the cause...

1-50 points = Llama, watch

51-100 points = Llama, watch, favorite entire gallery, month feature

100+ = Llama, watch, favorite entire gallery, feature forever


Users who donate will be featured  on a journal as well as on the donation widget itself. Thank you very much! Tell your friends!
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